In a world where everything is monetisable, more and more Millennials and Gen Zers are trying to divorce their identity from their careers.

“Today I want to have a little heart-to-heart on something that I think has been causing a lot of grief for many people, which is: what exactly are you supposed to do with your career? And to jump in with a piping hot take, I’m here to say: maybe you’d be better off without one.”

This is how YouTuber Katherout started her somewhat controversially-titled video, “I no longer aspire to have a career,” which has now been…

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The COVID-19 crisis has shone a spotlight on some of the glaring systemic problems in our society: poverty, global warming, homelesness, obesity, healthcare inequality, gender inequality, etc. The list goes on.

It’s also shown our failure to help people to address these issues. If you’re feeling depressed, that’s on you. Go to therapy and figure out how to cope with your situation (if you can afford it). If you’re overweight because of all the crap food that’s been pushed at you from corporations, that’s on you. Wake up at 5am each before work and exercise. If you’re feeling lonely because…

“His room is between the closet and the ceiling. A wonderful little spot that we entrepreneured.”

Last month, I wrote a post about how Gen Z is realising that our definition of ‘hard work’ isn’t working for our society. You can read it here. I got an overwhelming amount of really thoughtful feedback. It was great. Thank you so much.

This week, I’d like to talk about another side of the coin — what happens when the desire to ‘control our own destiny’ goes too far: the dark side of Gen Z ‘hustle culture’.

Last week, a video of a…

Children are telling teachers that they want to be influencers and video gamers. Exhausted teachers scoff at the idea that there’s an alternative to slogging away to a timetable set by someone else.

A few weeks ago I saw a TikTok video of a young woman sitting in her car crying because she’s just finished her first shift at her new 9–5 job and she’s devastated because she realises that’s what she’s supposed to do for the rest of her life.

(I can’t find the video — I’m not even sure it’s still up, she got a lot of backlash from people telling her how ungrateful she was because she actually, you know, has a job — but if you know which one I’m talking about and you can find it, let me…

Activists have started to use the game to protest more than Tom Nook’s predatory loans

Images: NextGen America

For years, we have been debating whether or not video games lead to increased violence, and after decades of research, we’re still not entirely sure. But as the 2020 U.S. election looms, a much more urgent question has arisen: Can video games encourage people to get involved in politics?

The answer is probably yes.

For many, Animal Crossing provides a sense of stability in a time of chaos. According to a YouGov poll, 40% of American millennials — the highest figure of any generation surveyed — say they have been gaming more during the pandemic.

Animal Crossing New Horizons has…

It probably won’t kill us, but there are a few issues you should know about

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There has always been a level of public opposition to cellular technology, but the voices of dissent have been rising significantly since the introduction into the public lexicon of 5G, one of the biggest buzzwords of 2019.

“How would you feel if you knew that an untested technology is being deployed across America with no government oversight, no transparency, no public input, no regulations, and no long-term studies on health and environmental impacts?” reads a 2017 article published in a blog called The Foghorn Express. It’s titled: “The 5G Network: What You Don’t Know May Kill You.”

Even as these…

New devices tap into the age-old promises of mood alteration

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You’ve got a deadline tomorrow, and you’re sitting in a coffee shop staring at a blank screen on your laptop.

Your mind is racing, and every slight noise seems to irritate you more.

The crying baby in the queue.

The woman talking loudly on her phone across the room.

You reach inside your bag and pull out your wearable wristband, set it to “calm,” and slip it onto your wrist.

Within a few minutes, you suddenly feel… calm.

You take a sip of coffee and begin writing.

The increasing popularity of wearable tech

In 2016, there were 526 million connected wearable devices worldwide. Studies have shown

A ‘Digital Iron Curtain’ is descending over part of the world

Credit: Sergei Savostyanov/Getty Images

Russia’s State Duma just announced that starting next July, all electronics in Russia (including smartphones, computers, and smart TVs) will be required to come preinstalled with apps made by Russian tech firms.

According to Alexander Yushchenko, a Communist Party representative, one contender for preinstallation is Gosuslugi — the Russian government services app. However, a complete list of required apps is yet to be published.

The law does not state that non-Russian software must be banned on devices, just that such apps must be installed alongside Russian software. …

Cheap Android phones filled with potentially dangerous ‘bloatware’ are just the beginning

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When it comes to privacy, there has always been a clear divide between the richest and poorest people in society. While the rich can afford to pay for the luxury of living in secluded homes with multiple bedrooms to themselves and high-tech security systems to ward off trespassers, the poorest in society have often had no other option but to share their space with multiple others — often strangers — with little guarantee of protection or privacy.

But the rise of the internet has raised a concern about a different kind of privacy: data privacy.

Most essential oils are made for their scent, so why would anyone want to ingest them?

Credit: Steve Horrell/Getty Images

This summer, a popular YouTuber who calls herself Fully Raw Kristina released a fruit-infused water recipe that included some odd ingredients: What she described as “pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.” Into the pitcher went two drops each of eucalyptus, rosemary, lime, and cardamom essential oils, which, Kristina explained, she was doing “not only for the taste but also the nutritional benefits.” Kristina is a raw vegan influencer, with over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, and her interest in essential oils is just one indicator of their surge in popularity.

According to a report by Fortune Business Insights, the global essential oil…

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